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Utilising the depth in children’s books

What does it mean to be lost? Lost within life? Within one’s job? Within an organisation? The feelings of abandonment , of feeling lost, of feeling found, run deep in the human psyche. These feelings raise many significant questions about identity, job worth, self -worth, etc.

As a precursor to talking about these ideas in a training session e.g. linking to an HR topic, I want to point to two films, both based on texts, to show how children’s books – when operating at a simple yet conceptually deep level -cross-over to being able to be enjoyed by an adult audience. I have , for a long time, championed the use of children’s books in learning/training.

The first is the beautiful book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers which has been made into a moving film.

The second is the recent Oscar winning film The Lost Thing, by the Australian writer/ illustrator Shaun Tan – based on the book of the same name.

There is great depth here – don’t under-estimate what is on your kids’ shelves!



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I am a teacher/trainer, writer and photographer, with teaching experience in Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Special Needs and Staff Development.


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