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Utilising the depth in children’s books

What does it mean to be lost? Lost within life? Within one’s job? Within an organisation? The feelings of abandonment , of feeling lost, of feeling found, run deep in the human psyche. These feelings raise many significant questions about identity, job worth, self -worth, etc. As a precursor to talking about these ideas in … Continue reading

Icebreaker : How we use Instructions.

Here is an activity , a potential icebreaker or team building exercise , which raises lots of interesting questions about how we use instructions – in particular how we deliver instructions and the problems that we can encounter. ( I have taken it from an early version of The Creative Teaching Space on my website). … Continue reading

Viewing a life from a new angle.

There are many ways of looking at a person’s life: photographs, anecdotes, stories, videos, film, objects collected and left behind. I raise these questions because I want to refer to one of the most interesting photography books I have seen recently: In almost every picture #7. It is very unusual. It reveals, in chronological order, how Ria … Continue reading

Framing Your Own Story

Consider this – using an existing archive of photographs to create your own story. How can you use photographs, within a training session, so that participants can isolate and create their own pictures? Easily – by taking an existing archive and framing a scene. By doing so participants can make a meaningful and artistic statement … Continue reading

What metaphor are you going for?

What terms can trainees use to describe learning? What metaphors are we drawn to? Learning as a road, a tree, a building, scaffolding, a journey, a river? Whatever – it is interesting to explain metaphors and to nut out their implicit meanings. What values can be detected? ( Nowadays it is common to refer to … Continue reading

Outside the square – literally.

It’s called ‘thinking outside the square’ yet let’s look at this literally – particularly in relation to photography. How many famous photos that we see are actually cropped images of a much larger scene – sometimes a scene with quite a different meaning? Here is the interesting story behind Weegee’s famous photo The Fashionable People. Turns … Continue reading

Kafka meets Teaching

What an amazing story – yes Kafka is alive in the modern day. Listen here to the story of the Rubber Room – a series of rooms in New York assigned for teachers who have been reassigned out of the classroom for misdemeanours. The amazing fact – many teachers, on full pay , sit in … Continue reading