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I wish I had a dollar.

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has said to me – ” you must be so patient.”

This is by far the most common comment I hear when I tell people that I work with students with special needs.

I ride the comment.

I know that it has nothing to do with patience.

To be true to a student’s needs you must work at that student’s pace.

If it takes 20 seconds for a student with cerebral palsy to lift her hand – then so be it.

I wish I had the patience to accept peoples’ misunderstandings – but then I think people are far more understanding of special needs nowadays.

If it takes a minute for words to come then so be it – even if occasionally a teacher aid or teacher lacks the patience.

Time is a gift – and what are we to judge the extraordinary efforts that people with special needs face each day?

When I see an adult with cerebral palsy walking down the street I wonder how many countless hours were taken to reach what we take for granted; a teacher with patience, the student feeling respected in time – working with incredible tenacity.


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I am a teacher/trainer, writer and photographer, with teaching experience in Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Special Needs and Staff Development.


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