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What do you call yourself?

I was recently scanning through some school websites and I found a job title called ‘Sun Protection Coordinator’ – or something to that effect. I had to have a little chuckle. I found it  strange. The question I want to raise here concerns the types of language  used in schools. This term seems to come … Continue reading

Dipping your hat to the banal and the mundane.

I’m a big fan of the website Conscientious. It introduces me to very interesting photographic essays. Three that I have found fascinating are  by Phillip Toledano, KayLynn Deveney and Julian Germain. Why do I like these? Well, first of all, they are following a particular theme – elderly men and how they go about their … Continue reading

The World through a pinhole

I’m  going to throw in a new idea – stemming from the fact that I like photography, have recently attended a pinhole photography course, and have a pinhole camera, made from an old tin, sitting on my desk at the moment, next to my expensive digital camera. It is so easy to get caught up … Continue reading

The curious case of the worksheet.

I was once asked by a Principal to do some staff development in a school as there was evidence that teaching was getting very bogged down in the handing out of worksheets. The proof : well the photocopying budget had really blown out. And I mean – really blown out. While I feel that there … Continue reading