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From Left Field

I have recently been writing a a magazine article on the Disaster Reduction Museum in Kobe, Japan. It is an information and research centre dedicated to the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake that struck Kobe in 1995. What I find memorable about the centre is the presentation of  objects from that time: a melted shop sign, broken … Continue reading


I just thought that I would throw this in. It needs to go somewhere, be seen, be recognised. I think it is an absolute hoot. I took it a couple of years ago at Teessmouth , near Redcar,  in the north east of England. I wonder if it is still there. It is a great … Continue reading

The Driver

Some of my writing is abstract, connecting with teaching in obscure ways. A lot of good teaching, I believe, is based on taking new perspectives and being open to possibility. There is resonance in so many things. A simple train trip can be a mundane journey. Watch children, though, and a train trip can be … Continue reading

The Elephant and the Sparrow

It is a meeting of the large and the small. The animal – an Asian elephant that can eat up to 170 kg of food per day and drink 90L of water, thousands of miles from its land of origin, in an enclosure at Melbourne Zoo.  Here its diet consists of  bread, bamboo, hay, carrots, … Continue reading

That sense of calm

I was speaking to a friend recently about learning. What arose was the importance of a ‘sense of calm’. Without calmness there can be no learning. Sure we can learn at pace yet real learning, I believe, happens when there is a sense of stillness, of calm, in which the mind can be aware of … Continue reading

‘Jazz’- for the want of a better word.

What is really important to me in education? What do I aim for? I guess it’s that sense of authenticity: where things come together, have that sense of being real. Here I think of the ‘jazz’ of teaching, being immersed in the moments, the journey, enjoying that sense of moving towards somewhere – a student … Continue reading